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Thinkertoyland™ is an educational award winning toy that is unique and will keep children engaged because the possibilities of what they can make are endless. The connectable parts offer absolutely open-ended play and children will gain confidence and self-satisfaction when they complete a tangible product which originated from their imagination.


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Thinkertoyland components are integrated in our Whole Brain Learning programme.

A Timeless


ThinkerToy construction was first created in 1914 by Charles H. Pajeau and Robert Pettit in America. Pajeau, a stonemason, designed the toy after seeing children play with sticks and empty spools of thread. It became a toy that inspired generations of children who loves to imagine and build.

Creations that


It is well-known that the more open-ended a toy is, the higher the playing and learning value. Building blocks are great open-ended toys that promote inventive play. Thinkertoyland™, the classic construction set, can bring the inventive play even a notch higher by allowing kids to construct toys that actually work and even move! Fancy building a mini merry-go-round that actually spin, a race car of your own design, or a forklift that actually works?  Bored with the toy? Dismantle them and create another one!

Safe, Versatile &

Patented Design

This versatile construction set is available in environmentally-friendly ABS material that exceeds all current US and European toy safety standards. Thinkertoyland™ construction sets’ new and improved patented designs offer versatile construction experience for children and adults alike.



Besides improving motor skills such as hand-eye coordination, the exploration of combining the different parts to create a moving toy will stimulate brain development. When children build together with siblings and friends, they will also develop social and language skills. It is also a great toy for bonding between parents and child.


Thinkertoyland™ is a toy that will grow up with a child. While a pre-schooler will benefit from imaginative building, an older child can experiment with what they learn in science and engineering using the construction set. Even adults can find therapeutic comfort in creation.


Open-ended Play

Remember the times when toy varieties were limited and children found great joy in converting whatever limited resources they have into the toys of their imagination – a stick fashioned into a gun, a carton box cleverly converted into a house. It was all about using our imagination and creating things with our hands.

Benefits for the


Thinkertoyland™ is a great educational tool that helps to:

• Build the strength and flexibility of a

   young child’s hands and wrists.

• Improve motor skills.

• Encourage creativity and imagination.

• Kick-start critical thinking and problem-

   solving skills.

• Facilitates team work and social skills

   through creating and building together.